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Paredes Studio is a design studio located in the Northern Virginia area delivering fine art experiences and art restoration projects since 2012. AnaMarie Paredes is the lead designer and her love of metal is driven by the challenge of taking a material typically thought of as commercial and industrial, metal, and turning it into something delicate, intricate, and unexpected. Her four series are stylistically varied, yet show her focus on architectural lines, texture, shape, balance, and light. Her drive to attain spatial balance through positive and negative space often plays out in her work's thoughtful and ethereal shadows. She strives to engage the viewer, inviting them to join the connection between her work and the space it fills. Her focus on organic textures and colors inspires a more personal engagement with her compositions, further driving the connection between the viewer, art form, and space.


Each of her series - Collage, Lines, Folds, Renew and Cor-Ten - demand different artistic skills and techniques from her artistry that further feeds the compelling challenges her medium presents. Although her first love is steel, she has ventured into working with bronze and copper.


In October of 2013, AnaMarie had the honor to work side by side with renowned metal artist Albert Paley. During her three week stay as a visiting artist, she worked with him on a variety of projects and attended several public events as part of his studio staff. In June of 2014, she built a new studio space in Vienna, VA. 


Her work is currently represented by The RH Ballard Gallery in Washington, VA, Eaton Fine Arts in Austin, TX and The WIT Gallery in Lenox, MA.


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